The Subconscious Mind’s Purpose

The conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. Two different sides of the same coin. We are well aware of our conscious mind, but what purpose does the subconscious mind serve? In this article, we will discuss the subconscious mind and what it is used for.

The conscious mind is what we use everyday, and where we think the thoughts that go through our heads. What about the subconscious part of our brain?

The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that is not focally aware. It serves as a memory bank, storing everything that happens to us in our life. After being alive for twenty-one years, each of us has stored in our subconscious mind more than one hundred times what is contained in the whole Encyclopedia Britannica It works to store and retrieve the data that we have stored inside of it.

The subconscious mind works to keep you in harmony with your conscious mind. Who you are, what you think, the emotions you experience, the subconscious mind works to make sure you stay who you are consciously.

What else does the subconscious mind do? Well, it works to make sure the body stays at its correct temperature, and keeps the heart beat and breathing rate regular. It keeps the chemicals in your cells balanced so that your body works in harmony with itself.

Have you ever thought about breaking away from what you consider normal, and toward something new? Ever feel nervous about the thought of this change? Your subconscious wants to keep you in what we consider the comfort zone So every time you have to talk yourself into something new, that’s your subconscious tugging you back!

Obviously, the subconscious serves a vital purpose. We simply could not be who we are without the subconscious mind. As we have discussed in this article, our body stays on track thanks to the part of the brain that stays on the back burner.