Is Your Subconscious Blocking your Success?

maybe it's your subconscious that's blocking your success

Subconscious Success Blockers – Stop the Sabotage

You have tried all the positive thinking you possibly can, but you are still looking at the same, small balance in your bank account. You keep visualizing yourself as a successful entrepreneur, but your hobby-turned-home-business still only has three clients. Maybe, you have a vision board for the perfect wedding but your boyfriend just called the whole relationship off. When things like this happen, it is easy to think that positive thinking, visualization, and even affirmations are nothing but bunk. You will be surprised to find out that you may be suffering from subconscious success blockers.

Don’t worry. There is a way around these self-saboteurs. First, understand that this is perfectly normal. You may have been thinking a certain way for years or even decades.

Your subconscious success blockers are acting up because they are still programmed for the usual disappointments or failures. They are resisting change. Perhaps you, too, have some resistance to change.


Maybe you worry that if you succeed in getting what you want that you will end up losing it. Again, this is perfectly understandable, but it could be partly to blame for why your positive thinking practice is not bearing fruit.

You can stop the sabotage by being patient. There is a belief that the Universe will not give us everything we want to manifest instantly because it is simply not practical. It understands that we need to ease into our new abundance, well-being, love, and success.

Continue using whatever practice you are implementing. When success blockers show up in the form of doubts or minor roadblocks, accept them. Don’t resist them. Resistance can create even more internal conflict and push you further from your goal.

It is all right to have doubts now and again, just remember not to linger in negativity. Eventually, you will reach your goals.