Is The Subconscious Mind Connected To The Universe At Large?

the universe at large
Is the subconscious mind connected to the universe at large? Ask ten different people, and you’ll probably get six different answers. Many people will just shrug their shoulders and say that they do not know. However, anyone religious or spiritual might have enough to say about it to fill your afternoon.

If the subconscious mind is truly a place of divine or supernatural guidance, then maybe it is connected to the larger universe. Dreams, intuition, and even psychic feelings all guide people through the many decisions in their lives, and these intuitions must come from somewhere, right?

A religious person might say that such inclinations are the gentle touch of a deity, or multiple deities or even angels. A spiritual person might believe in an ascended master, animal guides, or even the whispers of deceased relatives and loved ones.

Interestingly enough, as much as subconscious connections to the universe might seem the realm of priests, psychics, and maybe psychologists, physicists themselves might have a few thoughts on the subject. The laws of gravitational attraction posit that every pair of atoms in the universe has a gravitational attraction to each other, perhaps even at a quantum level.

So, if the brain, where the subconscious mind resides has physical matter within it, it has gravitational connections to everything in the universe!

Whether or not thought and emotion can travel these connections is, of course, unprovable with modern technology, but with science fiction making more and more use of the idea of quantum entanglement as a form of communication, maybe the idea is not so crazy as it sounds?

Whether or not the subconscious mind is connected to the larger universe is a very philosophical and unprovable question, but it’s one worth asking anytime you want an interesting conversation because the universe at large is a big place and you can really get to know someone by talking about it.