Where To Find Vision Board Ideas online and offline

thinking of ideas for a vision board

Among the most powerful visualization tools you could ever hope to use is the vision board. The exact physical manifestation of your own personal vision board takes is really up to you. There are hundreds of thousands of ideas for vision boards on the internet for you to choose from. It could be a sheet of poster paper thumbtacked to a wall where you just throw up whatever fancies you, or it might be a more premium piece of corkboard with a nice frame with your visualizations neatly arranged.

Putting up a vision board is really easy. It only takes a few bucks and some wall space you see often, preferably where not many others, if anyone else, see it. Putting things on the vision board is another story, especially if you are short on inspiration. Where then do you find vision board ideas?

Magazines are a great place to start looking for things to put on your vision board. Fitness and health magazines are great for pictures of healthy bodies you might want to look like, as are entertainment magazines and their pictures of celebrities. Financial magazines might have pictures that help you visualize monetary abundance, and travel magazines can have pictures of places and destinations you hope to visit or even live one day.

Newspapers are also a similar source of inspiration for vision boards, even if the paper and pictures are not as sturdy or crisp as from magazines. The Saturday edition of most papers probably has a home and garden or real estate section where you can clip pictures of yard elements, individual rooms and even whole houses that you can use to visualize where you might live next. The Sunday paper with all its advertisements is a wealth of imagery for individual things you might want to buy in the near future.

Postcards are another item that you can find and put up on visualization boards. They can be a little harder to get a hold of, but they can also pack the most punch. If someone you know is visiting a place you hope to go yourself someday, ask them to send you a postcard back from that location. If need be, you can search online to buy them too. The nice thing about postcards is that when you know they’ve actually come from where you want to be, it adds a nice vibration of authenticity to the whole visualization board.

We can help you put a vision board together, just check out our other article for some tips:


Putting up a vision board is a good idea if you want to help your mind and subconscious guide you towards manifesting your dreams and ambitions. Finding vision board ideas is easily done through magazines, newspapers, and postcards.