How To Balance Conscious And Subconscious Mind For A Peaceful Life

Some people fail to find peace in their life, no matter what they do. They are always confused, as they have a difficult time deciding what’s best for them at any given time. They are afraid to make decisions. When they make them, oftentimes they choose to do things their subconscious mind rejects.

All these people are going to suffer for as long as they live. The only way to find inner peace is to balance conscious and subconscious mind. However, this isn’t something easy to achieve. You have to be willing to look inside you are realize what your deepest wishes are. Sometimes we tell lies to ourselves, as we don’t want to accept a reality that’s not in our advantage. We reject facts, feelings and attitudes, hoping that if we don’t accept them, they are going to change or disappear. However, nothing ever disappears. Even when we consciously believe something, our subconscious might disapprove, as it knows we refuse to see things how they really are. The naked truth is difficult to accept, especially when it is in contradiction with our most important values and beliefs.

It is possible to balance your conscious and subconscious mind through meditation techniques and thoughtful introspection. By watching your bodily reactions to various stimuli, you can detect these contradictions, and then solve them. You can feel your heart changing its rhythm whenever you have to say yes to something your subconscious mind wishes to reject. You can notice an increased blood flow in your cheeks as you have to face embarrassment, shame or anger. These are your own feelings, so you should rather embrace them than try to ignore them. By making peace with yourself, you can enjoy a better quality of life and hopefully a more peaceful life

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