Create a Vision Board With the 3 Best Affirmations to Heal Acne

Acne Fighting Affirmations

Vision boards are a visual inspiration that reminds your subconscious about what it is you are trying to create and achieve in your life. For those plagued with terrible acne, creating a vision board specifically for a clear complexion (or adding some elements about clear skin to your existing vision board) can be a great help.

You might consider posting pictures of people with clear skin on your board, but for some people that may make it harder for them to face the mirror every day. If so, try adding these affirmations to your vision board instead, to view and meditate on each day. These affirmations, repeated many times each day, can lessen the inner resistance you may have to a clear complexion.

Below are the top three affirmations you can post on your vision board. Each of the three phrases is worded in different styles, to appeal to a variety of people. Feel free to adjust them to suit your needs, but be sure that it is positive and uplifting, with no negative wording.

“My skin is clean and clear, and it feels soft, smooth, and well-hydrated.”

“I love myself, and I love my skin. My skin is renewing itself every day, becoming fresher and even more clear.”

“I am strong. I am beautiful (or handsome). I am a powerful being. My skin is clear, and smooth, with an even tone and clear complexion. My skin is the outward sign of the beautiful soul blossoming within me.”


If you think it may help, try staying away from mirrors for a little while as you begin this process. For some, that may help them better visualize themselves with clearer skin. Before long, you’ll find a positive change not only in your skin but in the way you view yourself from your subconscious mind!