A Subconscious Fear Of Pregnancy Can Ruin Relationships

A subconscious fear of pregnancy can ruin relationships. Many women actually fear getting pregnant, even if they plan to have kids down the line in the future. They might not be ready physically, mentally, or emotionally. Many women are not ready financially, and in a lot of cases, they just know the partner they are with either does not want kids, or they don’t want kids with their current partner.

That last situation can be very awkward for a couple, when one party knows that they like being with the other but do not want to have kids with them. The reason a subconscious fear of pregnancy can be so cancerous and toxic to a person or a relationship, is because it is left unsaid, perhaps even unrealized by the individual suffering the phobia. Anyone openly afraid of becoming pregnant can simply take steps to make use of birth control and make the necessary alterations to their sex lives.

Of course even when practicing safe sex and birth control, a subconscious fear of pregnancy can still be pervasive, as birth control methods do sometimes fail.

Believe it or not, men can also have subconscious fears of pregnancy. Typically, these fears are not about themselves getting pregnant, but perhaps a wife or girlfriend. If they are dating a woman but not sure if they want to marry her yet, what happens if she gets pregnant? Are they stuck with her?

This fear happens to married men a lot actually. Early in marriages, everything is happy for most couples. However, depending on their age and personal preferences, the wife might decide she wants children. What if the husband doesn’t? A subconscious fear of pregnancy and starting a family can wreak havoc on a man’s psyche, affecting everything from his sex life to his work.

Subconscious fears of pregnancy can really mess people, and it happens across both genders, and single and married couples alike.