3 Best Vision Board Affirmations For Those With Anxiety

Anxiety Fighting Affirmations 

Anxiety is something that a lot of people struggle with and don’t know how to get rid of. There are far too many issues out there that you can run into if you don’t know what you are doing. That’s why in the following article, you should read on and get to know more about affirmations to try.

1. I am going to be all right.


A lot of people that have anxiety get stuck in a thought loop that is all negative. For instance, if you keep thinking that you’re not feeling okay and only keep that in your mind it will make you feel a lot worse. By telling yourself you will be okay and not entertaining the idea of you feeling bad, this can be a way to take on any anxiety you may be feeling.

2. I can stop my negative thoughts right now and any it is easy to do.

You need to let yourself know that the negative thoughts you feel are not something you have to suffer through if you just try. Think about how you can stop your thoughts and how you have control of your subconscious mind and the over the way you feel at all times. Don’t focus on anything negative, and try to just focus on your affirmations when you feel anxiety so you don’t give power to the negative thoughts.

3. After I get through this situation, I will be happy about trying.

Sometimes the best way to get through an anxiety-inducing situation is to just try. You may not be comfortable at first since your body and mind are holding you back, but after you get used to what’s going on you will calm down. If there are situations you just can’t deal with you should work on trying to get through them a little at a time until you’re used to everything.