The 3 Best Vision Board Affirmations For Aging


Critique is something you expect to hear from other people, not yourself. While you are supposed to be your own no. 1 fan, you get lost in the thoughts of failure. And instead of working past them, you waste time wondering how you should’ve done better. Everyone has their critical and pessimistic side, especially when it comes to getting older. Which is why everyone should start making reminders to stay positive on the days when it’s tougher than usual.
The following affirmations for your vision board are aimed at something everyone has to deal with at some point, namely aging. However, you can choose how it happens, and it can be a very nice ride if you get your mind right. But before getting into the affirmations, it’s important to understand the concept of a vision board first. There are no rules as to what you can place on the board. It can be a picture of a car, a house, a vacation, or it can simply be a phrase that sparks inspiration. As long as it helps you to stay positive and focused, you can use it. In this case, the affirmations are summed up in phrases.

– Age is just a number

It can’t be said enough, so keep saying it. Your body doesn’t pay attention to the candles on your birthday cake. It pays attention to the lifestyle you lead, and the healthier you feel the younger you’ll stay.

– Healthy food equals youth

It’s no big secret that food has an incredible influence on the body and mind. The healthier you eat the more capable, positive and energetic you’ll feel.

– Every day is a gift

This affirmation plays on the effectiveness of “distraction”. Instead of focusing how old you are getting, start appreciating every minute you get. Because ultimately it’s not about how old you get, but how much you experienced during the time you were given.